50 Ways Snowed Under can help you


If you added up the time it would take you to complete all 50 tasks you might be surprised at how much more cost effective it would be to let us help you.

  1. Assist you to work through your daily ‘To Do’ list.
  2. Copy typing and data entry.
  3. Prepare correspondence and mail it to a specific mailing list.
  4. Send out a follow up letter to names on business cards collected at a recent networking event.
  5. Re-create and update your price lists.
  6. Create necessary and consistent business forms and templates.
  7. Clarify your CRM database details are still current and up-to-date.
  8. Put together a ‘Welcome’ package for new clients or employees.
  9. Create your stationery requirements such as letterheads, business cards, with compliment slips, flyers and brochures.
  10. Be your sounding board for new ideas, events, products or services.
  11. Prepare an online ‘Client Satisfaction Questionnaire’ and review the returned results.
  12. Be the contact person for any functions which require an R.S.V.P.
  13. Assist in locating and registering for seminars, trade shows, conferences and workshops for you or your staff to attend.
  14. Undertake online research for your business or personal requirements.
  15. Create PowerPoint presentations.
  16. Enter collected business cards into your online CRM.
  17. Assist with your travel plans and arrangements.
  18. Send us your receipts and we can sort and add them to an expense spreadsheet for your bookkeeper.
  19. Invoice sending and checking.
  20. Follow up outstanding debtors and send monthly statements.
  21. Run payroll for you.
  22. Assist with your social media setup and management of all your accounts.
  23. Create branded Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ cover images.
  24. Create tweets/posts for you
  25. Add your Events to your Facebook page and promote.
  26. Provide social media coaching either in person if local or via Skype.
  27. Review all your social media accounts to ensure they are 100% optimised.
  28. Research your target market and connect with them via your social media accounts.
  29. Write or polish your articles, blog posts, newsletters and Bios.
  30. One-off copywriting jobs or packages available.
  31. Set up a MailChimp e-Newsletter template.
  32. Import your list of contacts into MailChimp.
  33. Provide ongoing support for your weekly/monthly/quarterly e-Newsletters.
  34. Transcribe a variety of digital file types.
  35. Transcribe one-on-one interviews, meetings, small focus groups and even brain dumps which can be used for the basis of a blog post.
  36. Assist with your online e-marketing, campaign management & keeping lists up to date.
  37. Assist with general management of your website or blog.
  38. Research your target market via the internet or social media platforms.
  39. Assist with the promotion of your business, workshops, events both online and offline.
  40. Assist with streamlining your office systems to keep you on track, organised and efficient.
  41. Proofread, edit and format training manuals, workbooks and reports.
  42. Offer time saving tips to manage your daily tasks.
  43. Create labels for a general mail-out or for special invitations.
  44. Create an Excel spreadsheet for a mail-merge mail-out.
  45. Summarise data collected and results in a report of a conducted survey.
  46. Create specialised correspondence such as a letter of introduction.
  47. Outbound calls to clients, leads and mystery shopping.
  48. Book your yearly personal appointments. e.g. hairdressers, dental.
  49. Scan supplied documents and receipts.
  50. Plan a personal or corporate event!