17 signs you need to delegate in your business 2017

No Man is an island


“If I work hard enough and fast enough, I can get it all done”


“No one can get it done better or faster than I can”.



You could do it all yourself for a while but even the best leaders, the most successful business owners and entrepreneurs reach out for help at one point or another. As John Donne said “No Man Is an Island.” It is not only crucial to the growth and success of your business, it’s essential for a happier more balanced work and life.


Here are a few signs you should delegate some of your work load:


  1. You are overwhelmed with administrative tasks.
  2. You have big ideas for your business but no one to help you implement them.
  3. You have exciting projects but no time to do them because you’re too busy running your day to day business.
  4. You regularly work 10, 12 or 16 hour a day to keep up with all the work you have but still feel like you are behind.
  5. You are bogged down with a million tasks that might be more appropriate for another person.
  6. You have routine tasks and work related things to do that you hate doing.
  7. You want to spend more time on your core business.
  8. You work weekends and nights just to keep up with administrative tasks.
  9. You are losing sales because you have no up-to-date client and prospect database because you are too busy to enter the necessary information into your CRM yourself.
  10. You keep missing deadlines to follow-up and missing out on business opportunities.
  11. You are stressed out all the time.
  12. You have a small budget and can’t afford to pay all the hidden costs of hiring a personal assistant not to mention their salary.
  13. You don’t have the office space to house a physical employee.
  14. The work you want to delegate can be done remotely.
  15. You need someone who can wear many hats and is flexible.
  16. You don’t want the hassle/cost of providing a computer to employee.
  17. You only need someone to help a few hours a day and can’t find anyone local who can afford to work so little.


In some cases, hiring a full time employee is the right fit for your business but it isn’t always the case. In fact, hiring a person who can work remotely, like a virtual assistant might actually be a better solution, Snowed Under can offer the support you need. We can work on a payment basis that works for your business, get in touch to see how we can help you.