Good email subject line 2017

Good email subject line 2017 - Snowed Under VA Is your email subject line hindering your open rate?


It is marketing 101 to communicate with customers through email marketing but many focus so much energy on the email content that the subject line is often an afterthought.




Do you know your email open rate?


Have you conducted any subject line testing?


Here are the 8 main types of subject headings, which one best suits your business and at which time?


1 Self-Interest

2 Curiosity

3 Offer

4 Urgency/Scarcity

5 Humanity

6 News

7 Social Proof

8 Story


Snowed Under can help you create a newsletter and more importantly we can help you create and test your subject lines to improve open rate.


The more people that open your email the more people can engage with your content and ultimately convert into sales. Get in touch to see how we can help your email marketing conversion rates.