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Overwhelmed It is not just in our business lives we can feel ‘Snowed Under,’ our personal lives can feel like a never-ending list of things have we don’t have time to do and sometimes the unexpected tasks can create mayhem with our schedules.


Snowed Under offer a Personal Assistant service, we offer a variety of services but we can accommodate most needs.



We understand that working with a Personal Assistant is a very personal thing, we have found that many clients like us for our unassuming presence and personal touch.


Personal Assistant


We offer the utmost discretion and we hope you would come to think of us as someone you can count on when you are overwhelmed with your own chores and duties.


We can also work on an ongoing basis so you are secure in the knowledge that things will always be done.




See below for an example of services we can offer:


  • arranging or taking car in for service/MOT
  • getting car washed at car valet service


  • dry cleaning – pick up/delivery and clothes alterations
  • shoe repair
  • organising tickets e.g. Concerts theatre and the opera, and managing relevant memberships


  • pick up and delivery of important papers
  • pick up and delivery of packages
  • delivering birthday or holiday gifts


  • supervising / arranging house cleaning
  • waiting for delivery – furniture, appliances, etc.
  • waiting on repair/phone/cable people
  • waiting on construction people
  • organising repairs, tradesmen etc
  • unpacking and organising items in the home


  • dog walking as required
  • taking pet to the vet
  • food services



  • expenses
  • travel booking and arrangements incl Visas for work and holidays, taxi’s train tickets
  • organizing meeting details
  • filing and organizing
  • paying bills
  • managing memberships
  • Calendar management for meetings events personal and professional


  • household goods research
  • grocery shopping
  • gift shopping
  • search for hard-to-find items



  • organising doctors appointments, medical insurance
  • running errands
  • managing gym membership/ appointments
  • pick up of prescriptions etc

It is finally holiday! Marked and written holiday in a calendar.

Special Occasions

  • gift selection and wrapping
  • staging home for event
  • preparations for home event
  • Christmas Shopping and decorating

Small Business

  • eBay/Amazon selling and managing listing and queries
  • packaging items for delivery
  • taking items for postage or collection
  • organising and filing
  •  research on products


If you feel that we could help you please get in touch.


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